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cash code
Brad and Sarah's Cash Code

Move over Tax Refund, LISTEN, TEXT AND WIN with Brad and Sarah! They are hooking you up with $1,000 a day 5 times a DAY, that’s $125,000 total! All you have to do is listen to Z99 at 7am, 9am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm for the CASH CODE. Once you hear it, text the cash code to 77000 and you could WIN $1,000! You will have that hour to do so. Plus, the best part is you can text as much as you want during that hour to get more chances to win the $1,000! ¬†What will you spend the money on? Bills, vacation, maybe new clothes, or give the money back to Brad and Sarah? We are Z99, ALL ABOUT THE WINNING!

Contest Starts March 20th!

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