Posted: Friday, 24 February 2012 11:14AM

Shelby Tweten Talks About Her Idol Experience

NORTH MANKATO (KMKO) -- Shelby Tweten's run on American Idol may be over but it appears her adventure is just beginning.

Photo: Shelby Tweten appeared this morning on 95.7 KMKO's "Mankato's Morning News" program to talk about her run into the Top 42 on American Idol.

The Mankato West senior auditioned in Denver, sang for Randy, Jennifer, Steven in Aspen and earned a golden ticket to Hollywood, survived group auditions and packed for Las Vegas and the show's Top 42.

On last night's show, Tweten did not make the Top 24 and the start of next week's live shows on Fox.

But she's OK with that.

"Live shows weren't even my goal," Tweten told KMKO's Mankato Morning News program today.

In fact Tweten says she hopes singing will only be a part of her future.

The teen who's story of depression and living with bipolar disorder caught the attention of producers and her story was featured during the Denver auditions shows.

She says she'd like to do speaking engagements, and if singing a little is part of that it would be a bonus.

"I'd rather inspire people than sing, " said Tweten. "Singing is just a way to reach out."

And groups have already come calling on her.

Music For Mental Health wants her to be their ambassador and AskABiPolar .com has contacted her about being a teen author for them.

Tweten had to keep quiet about how she did on the show, even though blogs for over a month had been posting the Top 24 list without Tweten's name on it.

Knowing how last night's show would turn out didn't make it any easier watching it.

"Emotional I guess...definitely shed a few tears," said Tweten. "It hasn't even sunk in yet and now its over."

She's under contract with American Idol until May, so that means any offers that come in will have to wait. And requests have been coming in.

Tweten says Make-A-Wish has contacted her.

However, it sounds like we may see her again auditioning for another season of Idol.

Tweten says a portion of her farwell with the judges last night that wasn't shown was them encouraging her to try again next year.

"Steven Tyler told me 'You need to come back.", recalled Tweten.

And Idol producers gave here encouraging words as well.

"You're part of the family," Tweten says they told her.

According to Tweten, producers also told her "You have a way higher chance of making it next year."

Until then, Tweten's next gig will be Saturday afternoon singing the National Anthem before the Minnesota State men's basketball game in Mankato.

Tweten says she won't have the problems some more accomplished singers have had during their anthem performances.

"A lot of people are more focused on showing off their voice than dedicating it to the nation," said Tweten.

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