Posted: Tuesday, 12 April 2011 2:06PM

Child Porn And Sex Charges Filed Against Mankato Men

MANKATO – “Hang him.”
Those were the parting words of a Mankato father as he was led out of a Blue Earth County Courtroom for today’s hearing of a man charged with having criminal sexual contact with a nine-year-old boy.
At least a half dozen residents of the Eastwood Manor trailer park were in court for this morning hearing for 61-year-old Rodney Oberg and 51-year-old Jeremy Wolfe.
Oberg is charged with three counts of 1st Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct and multiple counts of possession of child pornography. Wolfe faces five counts of possession of child pornography.
The man who was removed from the courtroom was seated behind Oberg and his attorney. He could be seen leading forward twice and saying something to Oberg. The second time Oberg’s attorney summoned a bailiff who escorted the man out.
His parting shot intended for Oberg was echoed by his neighbors before and after the hearing.
Prior to the hearing one mother told us “These (expletive) need to rot…these are my children.”
Mankato police say they were called to a “disturbance” Friday evening at 147 Lynn Lane.
Across the street from Oberg and Wolfe’s trailer house, Rickie Ristau says his daughter had just told him she was “scared” of them because they showed her “nasty stuff on the computer.”
The disturbance was Ristau and his neighbors.
“I wanted to kill him,” said Ristau. “I told police they better get up her or they can send the meat wagon to come get him.”
Police say they first learned of the allegation when they responded to the disturbance.
Both Oberg and Wolfe voluntarily went to the Public Safety Center for an interview. There Oberg told investigators he had children over to his residence frequently. He also says he frequently had children in his bedroom watching TV, on the computer or playing video games.
He admitted to viewing porn and his computer and that they children may have watched porn when he wasn’t in the room.
Wolfe painted a different picture to police. Investigators say when they approached Wolfe for an interview he allegedly stated that his “life was over” and that he’d “just as well talk.”
Investigators say Wolfe directed them to CDs in a living room file cabinet, saying they were his and contained child porn. He also said he mostly liked to look at boys. Wolfe denied having sexual contact with any of the children.
Last Friday, police interviewed an 11-year-old boy who claimed Oberg twice showed him porn on a computer. According to the boy, Oberg told the multiple children watching “I hope you guys like this.” The second time, Oberg allegedly told him “Please don’t tell anyone or I’ll go to jail.”
Police say minor female described Oberg’s computer and how he made them watch a video of “naked grown-ups.”
Police were granted a search warrant for the residence and law enforcement recovered various computers, DVDs and videos.
Mankato Department of Public Safety Detective Commander Matt DuRose says they are currently reviewing the photos and the videos for content. They wouldn’t comment if any of the victims were in any of the photos or videos.
On Monday, police spoke to another boy. The nine-year-old claims to have watched porn numerous times and that about three months ago, Oberg allegedly touched his privates and then gave each other oral.
Conditional bail for Oberg was set at $100,000. Conditions include having no direct or indirect contact with any child under 18, no contact with witnesses or Wolfe. GPS monitoring was also one of the conditions of release.
Bail for Wolfe was set at $40,000 with the same conditions as Oberg.

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